Invoice Factoring Testimonials

“Our company was in a tough financial bind due to growth and a high payroll. Using factoring to smooth out the rough spots we were able to build the company to the point of a successful acquisition by an industry leader.”

Doug Beaver, former President Amguard Security Services

“After we figured out that factoring was an option our business finally took off. Up until then we were always concerned when taking on new contracts whether we would be able to handle the overhead. I’m surprised that more business owners don’t know about invoice finance. I didn’t before I tried it, now I depend on it.”

Betty Dobsien, Techno Software Services

"I have a woman owned small business government contract to provide services to the Defense Department. Invoice factoring allows me to purchase more goods by speeding up payments from the government. I’m trying to get bigger contracts knowing I get paid every time I deliver.”

C. Williams, owner Another Level

“Red Siren was a venture backed application security software company based in Pennsylvania. We used factoring for transitioning beyond our equity investment into an advantageous exit. It resulted in an M&A transaction that made the shareholders happy.”

H. Pollack, CFO Red Siren

“We had a very tough negotiation with another real estate lender that had our A/R tied up. Thanks to the skillful work of CCA we were able to expedite getting access to badly needed funds from pending invoices.”

Geoff Tisdale, co-founder Technology Forces

“We went from a small office installation business into becoming a substantial government contractor that now owns its own facility with equipment and vehicles thanks to the ongoing cash flow we received from factoring our receivables.”

M. Thompson, founder Fulcrum International

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