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Originally the firm was founded in Walpole, NH during the late 1980's by W. P. Stone, a successful turnaround management CEO. His intention was to have a consulting firm for evaluating and analyzing venture investment projects. After a while he created an invoice factoring company to help early stage companies with their working capital needs.

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What is Invoice Factoring?

Since 1997, our Factoring Company, Creative Capital Associates, has been working with businesses like yours, providing regular working cash flow that allows you to bid on larger contracts. We help by relieving the stress of wondering how payroll and bills will get paid. With Invoice Factoring, our goal is to make sure you have the resources you need when you need them. By factoring your accounts, we help monitor the creditworthiness of your customers, validate they have accepted your finished work, and help manage timely payments of your invoices. Like factoring companies have for generations, we focus on the relationships we have with our clients. You expect a partner who is flexible, easy to reach, quick to respond, and empathetic to your business. At Creative Capital Associates, we provide the best Invoice Factoring you can find! So please, call us right now to learn more about how invoice factoring can help your company grow.
*The 888 # is no longer operational – call 301-681-0080


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Invoice Factoring Information

Size Matters

Invoice factoring deals are priced by their size. The more commitment to utilize accounts receivable financing the lower the rates.

Invoice Factoring Information


Whether factoring your invoices or not, it is critical to be focused on the cash flows within a company. Incoming