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Invoice Factoring, The How & Why

Glossary of Invoice Factoring Terms
Invoice factoring summarized and made easy to understand

"How to" Factoring
The steps to considering invoice factoring as a possible solution for commercial financing begins with an internal examination of your company.

Choosing a Factoring Service for Your Business
What do you do when you find yourself in need of capital, but can't get (or don't want) a traditional bank loan? For business owners in need of fast cash, using a factoring service may be the answer.

Factoring As An Option
One option that many cash-starved small businesses are considering to help ease the cash-flow crunch is an alternative financing vehicle known as factoring.

How to use factoring to increase cash flow
The notion of factoring has been around for centuries. Although the concept is relatively simple, many entrepreneurs and business owners working in complex fields have never even heard of it, which could be to their detriment.

The Discipline of Factoring
Working capital is the life blood of any business. Without it, the ripple effects can cause headaches and eventually cause the entire operation to come crashing down. Bills don't get paid, payroll is late, unpaid taxes grow with penalties and interest. This is why prudent business owners secure outside capital to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of their incoming revenue.

The Cost of Factoring
Invoice factoring is a commercial financing method whereby accounts receivables are leveraged to access working capital to grow a business.

The Practical Differences Between Factoring and Cash Advance Loans
The explosion of cash advance loans or unsecured debt loans over the past few years have increased the awareness of working capital accessibility. By the very nature of the returns on these loans, lots and lots of new companies have been started to cash in on the craze.

The Mechanics of Factoring
Many small business owners ask, “How does factoring work exactly?” Here is the step by step process.

How Invoice Factoring Works and Why Business Owners Should Care
Many small businesses who are finally awarded a long, sought-after commercial or government contract have the dilemma of how to cash flow the new work.

3 Reasons To Use Invoice Factoring to Get Financing
As a small business, it is critically important that you have the necessary access to capital to work on a contract.

Reducing the Cash Gap by Factoring
Growing firms often find themselves strapped for money. A gap in cash is created when bills are paid weeks before cash comes in from customers. The cash gap can be shortened by concentrating efforts on fast moving inventory, implementing a just-in-time inventory model, negotiating extended credit terms to suppliers, and getting cash out of customers through discount programs and credit card transactions.

When Is The Best Time to Use Factoring?

utilizing invoice factoring as a commercial finance tool to increase your working capital accessibility, after determining that the need is there, applying for and securing a facility is an important decision.

The Factoring Solution

Guest article on the basic’s of the factoring industry. An overview of the who, what, why, & where’s.

Banks and Factoring

In the past ten years, numerous banks have gotten in and out of the factoring industry in one form or another. This articles looks at both sides of the bank factoring issue.

Is factoring a good way for you to increase cash flow?

Since colonial times factoring has been a major source of financing for companies of all sizes in a wide array of industries. Just about any type of company selling business to business can obtain funding through factoring.

Invoice Factoring: The Barometer of GDP

Factoring may serve as the read of an economy or GDP. If all the goods and services are invoiced in monetary value, it may give a signal of total GDP of a country; the health of the economy can be gauged.

Accounts Receivable Factoring Articles

When Does Invoice Financing Make Sense?

Let's learn more about invoice financing, discuss your options, and see why it's so important.

Accounts Receivable Factoring Explained

This will help explain accounts receivable factoring, if you are unfamiliar with the service.

Transaction Financing – Instant Cash Flow From Invoices

This financing provides your firm with the money in order for you to perform an invoice or contract requirement

Factoring Receivables: When it Makes Sense

Factoring receivables is one of the forms of financing that sometimes gets the Rodney Dangerfield treatment – you know, "don't get no respect."

Commercial Financing And Your Business

Invoice Financing - an Immediate Solution

Maintaining a good cash flow position is essential for the survival and growth of any business but it is especially critical for small business enterprises and start-ups to maintain healthy cash flow.

Debt vs. Equity

What is the difference between these two types of financing and which would be better suited for your particular business needs?

Positioning Your Company

What qualifies you for collateral based loans? How can you strategically set your company up for competitive business financing?

How to Finance Your Start-Up

The process of obtaining money to fund a new idea or start-up company, can be frustrating and sometimes fatal for the new enterprise.

Small Business Financing: VC’s and Banks

Looking for money to start or support your small business?

The UCC-1

What is it? Why is it so important? Learn about the In’s and Out’s of the Financing Statement.

Capitalization Articles For An Emerging Company

Business Survival 101: Cut Expenses

Cutting expenses to increase profits.

Eight Ways To Improve Your Company’s Cash-Flow – TODAY!

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. As humans need air to breath and food to eat, your business requires customers that provides the primary substance that keeps a business in business: cash.

Money, Money Everywhere – and not a Business Plan in Sight

A strong business plan is the single most important item in your financial planning portfolio.

Business Survival: The Proper Price Is Truly A Magic Number

So, how do we charge for that new product or service?

7 Cash Flow Secrets Your Accountant Never Told You

Looking for ways to boost your cash flow?

What do lenders & investors look for?

What is it that a lender or investor is looking for in your business plan?

The Big 3s of Small Business Capitalization

The operative word in this article is capital. Webster defines capital as, "any asset, tangible or intangible, that is held for long-term investment." Capital, blended with operating cash flows, becomes the financial fuel your company's engine uses to, among other things

The IRS Is Not A Bank

The Internal Revenue Service is not a lender of last resort. By not paying your taxes, you are ultimately borrowing from the Government, at extremely costly rates. The addition of compounding interest and penalties will make a bad situation much worse. Any unpaid taxes due will garner a daily interest rate, plus a monthly penalty.

Some Thoughts on Bank Covenants

My comments in this article focus on covenants for privately held, Middle-Market companies with limited resources for financial reporting.