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How To Do A Turnaround In 5 (not so easy) Steps

the problem of turning around a challenged company. Start with identifying those individuals in the company who are driven to see change come to turn around a bad situation. Then, rather than try and fix everything at once, pick small incremental steps

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Monthly Factoring Volume

One of the early questions raised by the factor will be, how much accounts receivable do you have outstanding currently, and how much will you generate monthly on an ongoing basis.

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Factoring Relationship

In many cases there is daily contact with the factor, or in other cases the factoring client is depending on weekly payroll funding.

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Ultimate Factoring

Factoring companies rely largely on the verification process for establishing the veracity of invoices. Generally in reoccurring billing situation this

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Factoring Your Accounts Receivable

used primarily to assist in labor intensive contracts with strong creditworthy customers. If you land a nice contract, and bring on new employees to do the work you need to pay them regularly.

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No Due Diligence Fees Here

Many invoice factoring companies require a due diligence fee. Although we do not, due diligence is when the accounts receivable

Debt Financing Awareness

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The function of factoring invoices is to provide capital by making advances on creditworthy accounts receivables. This means the customers

Debt Financing Awareness

Tax Liens

A factoring company must rely that your business 941 payroll taxes are being paid in full and the obligations are

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The I.R.S. is not a bank

It is possible to get a factoring company to finance a business with tax problems. The difficulty is determining where